Beholding Darkness

The Whittles stopped the Bridgers coven from killing undeserving witches and demons only to find that there’s another evil lurking in the distance. More witches are coming up dead, and now creatures of every supernatural being must be on the lookout, especially if they’re in a cross species relationship.

And though they have enough problems with the supernatural to deal with, the Whittles are in the middle of a family debate–to have or not to have. A demon that is.

Maya’s new relationship is causing problems. Her family is angry that she won’t give Hunter up, but he’s done nothing but prove his loyalty since the moment they made their original deal.

The girls are in the middle of more danger than they’d ever expected after finding out they’re witches. And still, romance finds a way to follow all three of them around every step of the way.

What is it about storybooks that make them feel so real?
What is it that brings them to life?




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