Buttercup Baby


It’s the classic trope: your best friend has a beautiful little sister, you’re bound to fall for her.
It’s the classic trope, but we thought we were past that because Emory has always been a kid sister to me, albeit ridiculously beautiful.
Then she comes home after four years away, and I catch myself fantasizing about some very unbrotherly things I’d like to do to her. And I can’t do anything about it because Darius is my best friend and I can’t break his trust by falling for his sister, no matter how much I want to. She’s mine though, my baby girl, my Baby.


I thought coming home meant I’d be moving in with my two brothers because although he’s always been googly-eye hot, I’ve never seen him as anything more than Darius’s best friend, and by extension, another big brother.
That was before landing at the house he shares with my big brother, after studying in London for years, and finding myself stupefied. My heart’s flipping and I swear hearts explode in my eyes because all I can think about is how much I want my Buttercup.