Hunter’s POV Forest Meeting

Alluring Darkness – During Chapter Eleven

She had her hands wrapped around the piece as she walked away from her family and toward the woods. From the serious looks on their faces before, Hunter assumed she had decided to take the piece and would attempt to hide it from him.

If that were the case, then her little warlock was doing her no justice. To think, Hunter would allow her to hide it, would allow her to walk off on her own with something he desired. 

Hunter followed at a great distance as she moved, surprised when she actually decided to step into the woods. His senses were like those of any other demon, but because of the stolen power, he could smell her even from this distance. She smelled divine, but most importantly, she smelled nervous. 

He smirked. Good.

As she stepped into the woods, Hunter began to draw closer which made his senses come alive, made the scenting stronger. He was still a distance away, but he could smell her better now, and behind the nervousness, Hunter smelled…


Was he picking that up correctly?

Maybe she had a thing for her warlock and was thinking about getting with him after accomplishing this task for him? Or maybe she had a lover she was planning to get back to after finishing with this new supernatural she’d found herself in?

Maybe he could add that to the list of things he’d like to learn about her. Not that it particularly matters. It meant nothing to him who she wanted in her pants, but he couldn’t lie to himself, he was curious. 

About that, but most importantly, about that power of hers.

Fire was a dark power. Witches aren’t meant to have it, and in the centuries that had passed, witches hadn’t had it. Those two recorded ones were anomalies. Was this woman a present day anomaly? He needed to know.

Hunter followed at a distance as she moved into the woods, not too deep, but definitely far enough away that humans wouldn’t stumble upon them. Oh, her witch’s bleeding heart.

Then she stopped.

Hunter expected that maybe she’d found the spot she wished to hide the piece, so he waited to see her in action.

But she didn’t move to do so. She simply stood there and breathed in the air around her.

Hunter moved closer, but still, she didn’t move. She froze slightly, but she relaxed so quickly that he couldn’t be sure it wasn’t simply a reaction to the autumn air.

As Hunter stepped closer though, her scent became stronger and he knew she was growing more aroused. It made his brows furrow. Could she be thinking of her lover now and that be the reason she stopped in the middle of the forest?

He stopped behind her and almost had to take a step back when the scent smacked into him. She smelled delicious. He wanted to drop to his knees and get a taste of her. His cock also liked the idea.

It hit him then, her body forcing itself to look unbothered, that she’d been waiting for him. She’d known he would be following. She’d known they’d be alone. Which meant all that arousal was for him. 

It made his mouth water, and the need to laugh bubbled into him, relaxing him to a state he never quite got to. This new witch with a rare dark power wanted him inside her. This was definitely not a turn of events he would have expected, but he wouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth. She was stunning and obviously powerful. If she wanted his cock, he’d have no problems giving it to her.

As the seconds ticked by, Hunter distracted himself with the scent of her. 

Until finally, she titled her head to the side to acknowledge his presence. The simple sideways glance at him standing behind her shot that scent he’d been salivating over to new heights, which only confirmed his final hypothesis. This was for him. 

When it was clear she wasn’t going to move or say a thing—which Hunter respected because even as a new witch, she didn’t show her fear of him—he moved. He stepped around her body until he was before her, a mere five feet away.

He couldn’t help but look her over with a wickedness in his gaze. Knowing she wanted him sexually was a very invigorating experience. 

Her gaze raked over him and those luscious thighs squeezed together as her scent carried up to him. 




He needed a taste.

“Like what you see?” He knew she did.

“Depends.” She dragged the word to bely the confidence he knew she was faking. “What is it I see?”

Hunter laughed. He’d never slept with a witch, but he was delighted this one would be his first. “Even a new witch like yourself should be able to figure out I’m a demon.”

“Oh, I figured that out. I just haven’t figured out what kind.” She was truly curious. This bit wasn’t faked. “What monster do you most resemble?”

He smirked at her, his fiery little witch. “The most frightening monster of all.” He turned that smirk into a frightening grin. “Humans.”

She contemplated his answer, her hands tight around the piece in her hands, when she finally looked him over and asked, “What’s your name?”

He most certainly hadn’t expected such a question. “Getting to know each other, are we?”

She didn’t respond. Hunter truly respected this confidence. 

And he figured she would need to know what to scream out as he ate her delectable little cunt, so he would oblige her curiousity. “Hunter. Do I get to learn yours?” Should I know what to groan when I shove my cock into your mouth, Witch?

That tiny smirk made the blood pool in his cock. “Maya.”

His heart hammered as she finished the word. 

His blood rushed, but it wasn’t headed for his cock this time. It was running wild, thrumming through every part of him. Feral.

“Maya,” he tasted the word because he needed to, only the decades of training keeping him poised when his body rushed with…something. “Maya, Maya, Maya,” he played with it some more, each time slower as if teasing his own body. 

He needed to focus.

“Tell me, Maya, how did a witch like yourself get a high-level demon power?”

She shrugged as if she were in control of her body. “It’s a dark power, not a demon one.”

“That may be true, but only demons have had it for millennia.”

Her tongue shot out to lick her lips, likely down out of nerves, and it captured every ounce of Hunter’s attention. 



Maya was all he could hear in his mind. The need to fuck his was overwhelming. All he needed was to take the piece out of her pretty little hands, then he would take her to his manor where no one would be able to find her and forget his days lost in her body.

“You said it yourself, I’m a new witch. There’s much I don’t know.” 

A shot of arousal hit his senses so hard, Hunter needed to close his eyes to keep himself sane. He took a large inhale once he had himself in order and delighted in the proof of her need for him. 

When he opened his eyes, he ignored her obvious desire for him and gave her a cruel smirk to remind her who she was speaking to. “You sure Mommy dearest doesn’t have something to tell you?”

It was clear the comment had more of an effect on her than the normal witch, which meant her mother was likely no longer around. Caring creatures were effected by those matters. 

 “You sure you’re not just jealous that a witch has a rare high-level dark power?”

He laughed. “Oh, sweetheart.” He breathed in his new favorite scent as he allowed his power to play and shot a ring of flames around them. Let the little witch know that they shared a power.

She didn’t respond, but he knew she was intrigued by him now. Intrigued by their share of this power.

Slowly, he circled her once more until he was standing behind her. He stepped closer until his body was only inches from hers, the need to press his hard cock into her ass just barely overruled by the need to take the piece out of her hands. 

He leaned into her ear, and reveled in the desires that shot to his scenting power.  “I’m not your enemy, sweetheart. Now give me what I want.”


Her head fell back. So slightly it would hardly be registered by anyone else, but Hunter noticed. He especially noticed when the hairs at the top of her head grazed his chin and made stopping himself from leaning in to lick her neck nearly impossible. Then she tilted her head to look up at him and the desire within those beautiful brown eyes was clear. “What do you want?”

He licked his lips as he began to think up another plan, one that included taking her to his manor first and worrying about the piece later. Maybe this warlock of hers was smart to leave it with her after all, the seductress. 

He forced himself to step back, then walk back around until he was standing right before her. He couldn’t allow her to distract him from getting the piece. He needed to do that, then he would spend ample time memorizing the taste of every inch of her.

He leaned in so his face was an inch from hers, their breaths mixing as hers sped up. “You know what I want.”

He reached for the fabric-covered piece as she was distracted with his proximity.

He took a step back when he felt the thing and allowed it to fall out to show no piece within. As he glanced back up at her, he knew this was the plan all along. She’d never had the piece, but she’d tricked him. 

He should be angry. 

She was a new witch. It would take absolutely nothing in him to kill her.

He should be angry.

But he wasn’t.

He was impressed and aroused, and at this point, only wanted to get her to his estate. 

He was about to step toward her to take her hand and shadow them to the one place he’d never allowed anyone to—a matter that was too dangerous, yet everything in him told him he could take her—when he was hit from the side. 

He fell to his knees from the hit, the blood oozing out of him, and as he looked up to see the girl’s family around her ready to port out. He met her gaze as she gave him a dark grin that solidified that she was the woman for him, then a wink as if this wasn’t over between them.

Then she was gone.

And Hunter was sure.

He would find her, and he would possess her.

His Maya. 

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