With the Ashes Catching Daybreak

He got married by the rules; produced heirs by the rules; reigned the North by the rules. Things were already changing as he worked to get magicians mixed back into the common folk like they were in the South. But after meeting the most beautiful woman of his life seven years prior, Edmund’s ready to start breaking some rules altogether.

Atiana’s life at the palace is exactly as she’d like it–she gets to do her most favored profession, become friends with the Posse, and learn new skills. Yet, there’s still one thing she wants–the King. He’s always displeased while in her presence, but she cannot give him up. She’s wanted for seven years, even when he’s made it more than obvious she does not interest him.

Now they’ve realized their love isn’t unrequited, so they must decide–will their relationship be worth all the hardship?

The Posse is to stay away from palace help.
It was their one cardinal rule.
The King was tired of living by rules.




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created by a/oasis designs