With the Flames Catching Midnight

The Master Assassin had been at the side of the King of the Northern Lands for essentially all of his life. He keeps the palace safe and stays away from the politics of running a kingdom. And still, everything he loves is held within the King’s Posse and he will do anything to protect them. Even if that means he must invite a woman he knows nothing about to aid them against the rebellion.

The Master Magician has a quiet life where she travels from place to place with only her two friends as companions. No one knows who she is and she has no desire to tell them. But now the King of the Northern Lands–a land where magicians are not allowed–has asked for her aid. And as the unknown heir to the Northern crown, she cannot say she isn’t intrigued what her father could want with her.

Neither Master wants to feel anything for the other.
Neither is ready to give up their hearts for the chance at love.
But when fate is involved, it does not matter what they want. It is about what they need.

In a world where Masters are few and revered, a rebellion is brewing.




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created by a/oasis designs