With the Ice Catching Twilight

The long dead Queen of the Northern Lands is alive, and she’s hiding in the Island.

After the rebellion the Queen led in the North, Rosaelia, Princess of the Northern Lands, wants her mother taken care of. So she’s heading to the Island Nation with no background that’s prepared her for the barbarian lifestyle she must now blend into.

Killian’s a barbarian. One born and raised in the savagery that is the Island Nation. And he’s in no mood to be babysitting a princess. But he knows his nonas would kill him if he left the scared Northerner he found in the forests on her own, especially after finding out who she is.

Now Killian and Rosaelia are sharing a home, and she’s learning all about Islander customs while on the search for her mother, and neither one can deny their attraction. What would it hurt if they got a taste of the enemy? She would be leaving soon anyway.

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