With the Winds
Catching Sunlight

Now that the focus of the palace can stray away from rebellions, they've got their eyes on the plague that they cannot seem to decipher or heal. Lucky for them, they have the best healer in all the lands on their side. Now it’s Ashtyn’s job to go around healing the infected while they try to figure out what’s happening. She takes it as her chance to get away from Gabriel.

Too bad he's got other plans.

Gabriel will not allow Ashtyn out of his sights. If she’s to be sent around the North, then he’s to join. Lucky for him, he also has the skills required for the journey for the Posse needs to figure out if magicians could somehow be involved. 

Ashtyn wanted to fight them until he gave up his infatuation, but Gabriel was ready to fight harder. Now she’s battling between her feelings and her past, this plague, and the politics of their changing North. And in every step of the way, Gabriel is there to steady her and show her all life has to offer. 

The North has found its peace with the Queen finally gone but it cannot last long.




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created by a/oasis designs